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About John

John Maitland was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, and at age 15 was awarded a scholarship to study art at Kings College.

John has held many successful exhibitions in Queensland and New South Wales and was a finalist in the “Tribute to Mary McKillop” exhibition.  His entry was nominated as one of the finest in the show and was part of a national tour in 1996.  Since 1997 his work has been reproduced as prints by a leading British publishing company.  One of these pieces was in the final two of the international print competition in Amsterdam in 1998. John now has over 40 works in print worldwide.

His work is very expressive and contemporary. People of different cultures is a popular theme and a lot of his works are figurative, reflecting his own awareness of the unique spirituality, grace and unobtrusiveness of the people of various cultures in their landscapes. This is always a great source of inspiration.

He recently held a highly acclaimed exhibition in Grafton Regional Gallery where two of his works were acquired for the Regional Gallery’s permanent collection. John is seen by some as being “one of Australia’s most exciting artists” (John Norris – Director, Prime Arts Publishing UK), while his works have been referred to as “possessing the exquisite line and colour of a Matisse” (Art Director – Lotus Gallery, Gold Coast, Queensland).

John’s works and dialogue can be viewed alongside the likes of Picasso and Matisse in an American Scholastic production and his work is also featured in a Canadian print publication.

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