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Memories Series - Requiem for Bluey

As I was writing the introduction to our website, my wife and children pleaded with me to record some of my childhood adventures in paint.

As you know, I grew up in the U.K. but where do I start? ok I’m starting with with the gravest of matters……..

Requiem for Bluey.

Size 90 wide x 122cm. High

Acrylic and oil on stretched canvas

Bluey, our beloved budgie, over the course of a couple of years had almost , managed to pick up at least two words when he fell foul ( literally)to our new kitten “Ginger “ while out of his cage for a flutter.

He lasted for almost a week , sitting on his perch with his head tucked under his wing.We were all convinced he’d get better, and then, he fell off!

Picture three broken hearted children demanding that a proper burial service was needed.

Down we went to the very top triangular corner in neighbouring Elswick cemetery, where the wall was only about a metre high. Bluey was in a shoe box ,dad was in and out like lightning having dug a tiny hole for us to lay him in.…., all three of us , myself , Jimmy and Stuart…..heads bowed in reverence as we laid him in his final resting place. Such was the sad passing of our beautiful little budgie.

Always fondly remembered.

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