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Jimmy's Story

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Jimmy’s art teacher at school gave him the inspiration to paint.

 “Just as I was ready to leave school; I was told to go and see the head in his study. My first first reaction was ‘what have I done now?!’”. As it turns out, this was a seminal moment in Jimmy’s life. As Jimmy entered the headmaster’s office, there on the wall were his paintings, and all of them had been framed.

Jimmy was 15 years old.

Says Jimmy of this moment – “I’ll always be thankful, as it inspired me to follow my dream.”

Jimmy’s first job was apprentice electrician, but his goal was to become an artist.

His first major exhibition, at Mawson Swan and Morgan in Newcastle upon Tyne, lead to a number public demonstrations that drew large crowds and continued for many months

In his early 20’s he went on to exhibit at Ann Colliers, a major art gallery of that time, where he was given a joint exhibition with the famous marine artist Walter Holmes. The exhibition  was a great success.

Jimmy has an incredible ability to capture the mood of the scenes he paints, from the effort of a racehorse as it hurls itself heaving and sweating down the final straight, to the romantic pastel scenes of a springtime sunset on the Quayside.

Self-taught, and 100% original, Jimmy uses all mediums and explores all aspects of painting from mainstream to abstract.

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